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The 1000 Islands RiverQuest offers unparalleled adventure. Build a personalized Quest to thrill your family! Whether its visiting our thousands of attractions including forts, castles, arts centers, heritage sites, exploring diverse natural habitats or experiencing some of the best freshwater diving in the world – there is family fun for all ages and interests!

Thousands of Attractions

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Freshwater Diving

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Fun for All Ages

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RiverQuest is the gateway to all the incredible experiences the 1000 Islands region offers. It’s a partnership made up of museums, castles, forts, theatres, art centers, environmental reserves and boat tours. It’s in Canada and the United States. It allows you to create your own family “quest” or purchase a themed quest, created by RiverQuest partners.

Whatever things you are “In Quest of”, be it adventure, culture, history or more, RiverQuest offers experiences that can be found nowhere else!