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Brockville and the Thousand Islands

In the late 1800’s the great entrepreneurs of the day chose the 1000 Islands as their respite from city life. It still works like that now, only the great cities are only a short trip away. Living in Brockville is like being a thousand miles from the pace and stress of major urban centres, surrounded by water, parkland, history and peace, yet you are a simple one hour drive to Ottawa and a morning’s drive to Toronto.

The best of all worlds.

Ontario's Most Historic City

large old building

Rowing at a National Park

family rowing on lake

Brockville and Its' Island Parks

brockville island parks

The City of Brockville, at the heart of the St. Lawrence-Great Lakes waterways, is one of the most historic towns in Canada. With much of its original architectural charm still intact, it is a historic landmark in Eastern Ontario. Brockville, named after General Isaac Brock of The War of 1812 fame, lies along the magnificent St. Lawrence River just a stone’s throw from the “American Side”. For a century, Brockville was the economic heart of the region with commerce, shipping and boat building creating the energy needed to drive the local economy. Today, it is one of Ontario’s best-kept secrets – a beautiful Victorian town with stunning vistas, peaceful parks and a 1000 islands at your doorstep.