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Bursting with exciting adventures with playful otters to historical reenactments.The Aquatarium is an interactive experience that vividly illustrates all aspects of life along the St. Lawrence River. Appealing to kids and adults alike, it brings history and nature to life in a captivating display that fascinates and absorbs.

The Power of Water

Learn how the waters of the St. Lawrence River have shaped the world around us in this interactive learning exploration full of activities for kids. Water is useful for a lot more than just drinking! In our Power of Water experience, discover some of the amazing things the waters of the St. Lawrence River do.


Did you know that over 10,000 years ago, the cities of Montreal, Ottawa, and Brockville were actually underwater? That’s right! These cities that millions of people now call home were once the home of whales, seals and other forms of sea life. In the 1000 Islands Aquatarium’s Creation Experience.

The HMS Ontario

Travel back in time to a forgotten era of battles, forts and shipwrecks: some of the most historically rich attractions in the 1000 Islands. Here, you can sail back in time and take the wheel of the ship of history in the Captain’s Quarters of the British warship and pride of the 1000 Islands, HMS Ontario. Step into the reconstructed Captain’s Cabin to explore a time of battles, forts and shipbuilding. The cabin is built to look and feel just like an authentic, 18th century warship.

Fun for the Whole Family

Climate Controlled Aquarium

Interactive Exhibits

Discover the diverse wildlife of the islands, explore the area’s unique history and culture, learn about the economics of the St. Lawrence River, and get your body moving in recreational experiences. From hands-on explorations of nautical science to first encounters with native wildlife, the Aquatarium invites you to join a passionate conversation about the world around us while providing a uniquely educational and wholly entertaining experience.